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Craignish Boat Club Site - Eilean Traighte


Use of the Club Site

Craignish Boat Club operates from a beautiful site on Eilean Traighte (Causeway Island) thanks to the kind support of the current and previous owners of the island. Our lease has been granted on the explicit understanding that we 'minimise impact on the existing character of the island'. The Club only leases the area of the island around the boat park and slipway and foreshore at the car park. We have no special rights over adjoining land or foreshore. Members must respect the adjoining ground and must not cause damage or place equipment beyond our leased area.


  • Considerate use of the site, mindfulness of the needs of the wider public and the privacy and avoidance of disturbance of neighbouring houses is to be respected.


  • The club's use of the island, causeway and car park area is solely for club activities. These include sailing, paddlesports, wind surfing, rowing and swimming. Use of jet skis, water skiing and power boating is not part of the club's activities, and the site will not be used for launching these or similar craft.


  • There is limited space for storage on the island and Members wishing to store a boat, kayak or gear here will need committee approval. Space for storage of equipment is limited and will be allocated at the Committee's discretion. It is the owner's responsibility to arrange their boat/kayak insurance for their own craft including third party liability.


Vehicle Access & Parking

The site offers temporary parking for up to ten cars and is accessed off the single-track road running into Ardfern. The road can be busy, and it is essential that the club's use of the site does not create access difficulties, at any time, for other road users and residents. Club events are particularly busy and have made it necessary to establish guidelines regarding site access and parking in order to ensure member safety and to maintain good relations locally.


  • Club members living on the peninsula are encouraged to walk or cycle to the site, although some members may need to park at the site due to medical or other conditions affecting mobility. Car sharing or lifts is encouraged.


  • Access to the parking area is restricted to club members, with access controlled by a locked gate. The Committee will issue key/code as appropriate.


  • Site access and the causeway must be kept clear at all times. This to allow emergency and disabled access to the site


  • Never park in the Passing Place at the site entrance, nor at Passing Places, roadside verges or driveways along the road.


  • No boats or other equipment are to be parked or stored in the car park or on the causeway.


  • Overnight parking or long-term parking is not allowed.


  • Vehicles may only be taken to the island for specific deliveries or maintenance, or by members with mobility restrictions.


  • Prior to Club events the Committee will endeavor to have a member available at the entrance to oversee parking.


  • At organised events, the car park is available on a first come, first served basis.


  • Additional club parking is available at the village hall (approximately 300 metres from the site) and members with cars will be asked to park there if required to avoid site congestion. The village hall has agreed to allow members to use this facility.



The Club has permission to lay a small number of moorings off Eilean Traighte for the use of Club Members. If you are interested in finding out more please contact the Club Membership Secretary.

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